Customer Testimonials

‘Brad was a very committed team member for the video sound recording of TEDxStKilda events over the last 2 years, he maintains a high standard in every project and is always positive and helpful in every regard’
— Helen Punton TEDxStKilda Event Organiser
Amazing sound design, Audio Chemistry team really worked on bringing this production to life, I would recommend them to any director or producer. The guys are really passionate about their work.
— Kosta Ouza, Director, Don't Look Back
Audio Chemistry takes pride in their work providing satisfactory results, on time delivery, treating clientele with the utmost respect.
— Julian Barbor, Reel Merit Films
As a filmmaker who has worked in multiple sound studios, mixing rooms and post- production houses I found Brad Every to be one of the highest standard and quality control operators I have ever been involved with. Constantly striving for excellence and pushing the envelope as far as can be reached and was a constant driving force throughout the production process. The confidence, passion and intellect combined to make my post sound experience a memorable one. I highly recommend their services and guarantee you will be left with a sweet sound in your ear.
— Nathan Hill, Director, Model Behaviour
My completed voice demo with sound scape....amazing. Thanks to Brad and the team at Audio Chemistry for their professionalism and dedication. If like me you are new to voice over, although it might seem a bit daunting at first, have faith in the process. You won’t be disappointed.
— Samantha Orsino
Brad Every and his team of professionals all worked towards creating the sound design of my short film, Distant Boats.  They were able to visualise what end product I was working for and used their knowledge to apply sound effects and mastering to finish this film. 

Overall I would recommend the services to people looking for a wide range of end products for their film needs.
— Jack Ralph, Point Cool Productions
The Audio Chemistry team are competent and organised, so we had no qualms in passing our work on to him, and could happily leave him to it without worrying. The professional results are absolutely worth it.
— Lyn DiCiero, Director, Makers
Can’t thank you enough for the job you did!
—  Kelly Perry, Director, Yellow