THE WHY: We view sound design as the second half of the director’s vision in any film. Sound complements the moving image, allowing the message of the film to resonate with the audience on an audio, as well as visual level. Sadly, audio production is often the last element many think of when producing a motion picture. By working closely with the director we are able to make a positive impact on their storytelling by creating a complete, polished sound design. 

THE HOW: Every project I work on has its own unique story that needs to be told.  We prefer to work closely with directors or producers from the beginning of their creative process in order to understand and share their vision, and to prevent any problems with the audio before they even happen. Throughout the production journey we establish and meet quality control and target goals, ensuring that the audio production of the film is up to scratch at every turn, and full satisfaction is achieved by everyone involved. 

THE WHAT: Effective sound design on a film starts with quality recording during production. Facilitated to fit the budget and requirement of your production,  Audio Chemistry ensure that both quality technology and in-depth production planning are in place in order to get the most out of every scene. In post-production we work closely with you and your team in order to complete a clean, effective and artistic sound design that helps to tell the story. Perfection is essential in the creation of a film, and the audio component is no exception. This is what Audio Chemistry aims for in every project, no matter the size.